It's 2013!

Matt graduates from high school and with the help of his parents start SMILE – Supporting My Independent Living Enterprise, with the goal of helping Matt and others impacted by Autism, make advancements in life skills development, social connections and create pathways toward greater independence.


Matt is recognized as Arizona Republic’s 35 Entrepreneurs 35 & Younger.


PBS News Hour features Matt and his parents in their TV special, “How Phoenix became the most autism-friendly city in the world“.

Matt is awarded The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award.


Phoenix Magazine features Matt and SMILE Biscotti in “The Biscotti Baker“.


The Mighty features Matt in “12 Businesses Owned and Run By People on the Autism Spectrum You Can Support“.


Matt and SMILE will be shown in the upcoming PBS documentary “A Different Key“.


With Waymo, Matt can get around Phoenix independently without relying on any other person to drive him. Learn more.