SMILE Biscotti - Matt Resnik

I'm Matt

Ten years ago, I graduated high school and started SMILE Biscotti with my parents as a way to advance my work and independent living skills as well as others with autism and different abilities. We’re baking progress into every bite!

SMILE Biscotti - Double Chip and Cinnamon Vanilla biscotti

The Biscotti

Our delicious biscottis are hand-made and lovingly prepared by Matt and his crew. Doing good never tasted so good!

New Ingredient

Now with the the help of Noble Bread, an artisan bakery, we’re proud to introduce SMILE 2.0.  We have greatly improved our production process and have the ability to fill much larger orders. This allows SMILE to engage more people like Matt in baking, sales, packaging and deliveries which reinforces important social and work skills.